"Berger’s absorbing story skewers reliance on social media... A sharp, gripping story of a bleak future." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Optimal is a brilliant exploration of the implications of ceding our personal responsibility and relying on algorithms to teach us how to live. But more than that, it’s great storytelling." --

"The characters are charismatic and will keep readers invested. ... Berger compellingly explores the predicaments of a globally networked civilization in this stimulating, immersive book." -- BookLife

"Optimal is a fascinating, thoughtful thriller about the world to come." -- Goodreads review

"Perhaps the 1984 of our time. We need to think long and hard before we attach our senses to a digital stream." -- Goodreads review

"A chilling dystopian horror story that you will devour, with wonder and a creepy sensation of this being a blueprint. ... There is no way to put the book down." -- Goodreads review

"Thrilling page turner and dark prophecy." -- Goodreads review

"I loved it and it had a strong PKD vibe, intriguing and mentally stimulating." -- Goodreads review

"The punch of this book sneaks up on you, as the story develops and the layers of this seemingly perfect world are peeled back." -- Goodreads review

"This book grabs you and won't let go." -- Goodreads review

"...a horror story with a civilized edge." -- Amazon customer review

"...keep(s) you guessing till the end!" -- Amazon customer review

"The punch of this book sneaks up on you..." -- Goodreads review

"...frighteningly plausible..." -- Amazon customer review

"Excellent storytelling..." -- Amazon customer review

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